Asanka Surfhouse offers the best accommodation in guesthouse category in Midigama!

Price of the room includes: bedlinen, towel, room service, daily cleaning and 5 different healthy breakfast options!

Pro tip! Get communal family dinner every night with only 400 lkr/person/dinner when booked online!


Mini dorm room (4 people: 2x single mahogany bunk bed+ 1 double bed for 2 people) 

Meet some new people, make friends, stay at our brand new mixed mini dorms. Custom made mahogany double bunk beds with mosquito net. Big locker boxes under the bed, clothe racks etc on the room. Two mini dorm rooms are on the garden area just next to yoga studio and chill out area with hammocks etc.

Off season: 1300lkr/room/night
Main season: 1600lkr/room/night



Traveler room (1-3 people: 1x double bed + 1x single bed)    

Simple chilled cozy rooms next to garden. Perfect for travelers. Live next to nature, play darts, chill on the hammocks, try some yoga.

Off season: 1900lkr/room/night
Main season: 2900lkr/room/night

Traveler room: upstairs (2 people: 1x double bed)    

2 newly renovated quiet corner rooms upstairs with their own balcony for two of them to share. Good option for couples or people who prefer their own space. Read a book, listen to nature, chill out.

Off season: 1900lkr/room/night
Main season: 2900lkr/room/night

Traveller friends room (2-4 people: 2x double bed)

Share a room with your friends, stay a while.
Big cozy rooms on second floor with the sea view. Double hammock on the balcony. Clothe racks, table etc in the room.

Off season: 2900lkr/room/night
Main season: 3900lkr/room/night

The Penthouse: single (1-2 people:  1x king size bed)

Quiet, classy rooms up stairs with big balcony area with sea view and hammocks. Chill on our Sri Lankan wooden lounge chairs and watch the surf. Penthouse with sea view from your own hammocks, what else do I need to say.:)

Off season: 3300lkr/room/night
Main season: 4200lkr/room/night

Penthouse room

The sea view Penthouse: double (2-4 people:1x king size bed + 1x double bed)

Wake up and check two surf spots from your balcony. These bigger rooms are perfect for couple of friends, couples or families. Your own space for people who want more privacy and little luxury.

Off season: 3800lkr/room/night
Main season: 4800lkr/room/night


THE PENTHOUSE SPECIAL OFFER: Get a discount when booked online with communal family dinner! 
10% Discount from room price for 1-2 weeks stay
15% Discount from room price for 2-4 weeks stay

Main season: 1st December to 30th March
Off season: 1st April to 30th November

Services at Asanka surfhouse

Free wifi hot spot, daily housekeeping, laundry service, Surfboard rental, Sri Lankan cooking classes, restaurant, smoothie/lassie bar, water refill station (say no to plastic!).
Airport pickup/drop off, tours around Sri Lanka: Ella, national parks etc.
Chill out area: Lounge​ chairs, board games, playing cards etc, tv, movie nights. Garden area: yoga classes, hammocks, darts etc activities for lazy days.
Airport pick up: (1-4persons with luggage.)
11 000lkr/van.

Start your Sri lankan trip with ease. Just send us your flight details and we will come and pick you up from the airport with our van.
It only takes 2,5 hours from Columbo international airport to Asanka surfhouse in Midigama thought the new highway.

Please contact us if you have any questions!
Welcome to your home in Sri Lanka 🙂

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