Midigama is perfect base for surfers. There are 5 different surf spots in walking distance from our place and many more in 5-10 minutes tuk tuk ride away. From total beginner white water surf to expert level reef break surfing, we got it all. Most of the waves are forgiving reef breaks with easy paddle and little worries.

Best surf in Midigama area is on dry season (Nov-March) but beach breaks work also on other times. Pack rush shirt, board shorts and plenty of proper water proof sun tan lotion. See you at the line up!

Lazy left
Our home surf break. You can check the surf from our restaurant. 2 minute walk. Nice, easy, slow and forgiving reef break. Really nice wave for surfers that already can surf reef breaks.

Lazy right
Just next to lazy right. 2 minute walk. Fat, slow wave that breaks way out there in deep water. Perfect for longboarders and semi beginners. Good for that first green wave experience. Bit of an paddle to the line up so work on you paddle strength before you come here.

Rams right
The best known break in the area. Short, shallow, hollow right hand barrel for advanced surfers. 5 minutes walk from our house.

7 minute walk from our place. For intermediate and advanced surfers, breaks at all tides. Submerged reef, paddle in from the left side. Gets shallow at the end on the right hander. Mostly a right, with some lefts depending on the swell and how the sand fills the reef in winter. Starts to break about 2 ft, holds bigger swell pretty well. Gets pretty crowded in the main season so remember to follow good lineup rules and don’t take it too seriously 🙂

Left side of the beach from plantations. Fast and sometimes hollow lefts peel off before closing out dry reef. Can take well more swell than most of places. Fast take off. Also right hander works sometimes. Enter the water left from plantations and paddle to the peak.

Situated in the city of Weligama (7minutes with tuktuk from our place).
The best place to start surfing in Sri Lanka or even in the world. Really long beach with even sand bottom. The white water has enough power to have long rides on your long board. This one is perfect beginner or longboarder beach break, no rocks and no currents. Works all the time. You can also take right and left handers on the actual green wave after some surf lessons.

Kabalana (the rock)
Situated in village of Ahangama (7minutes with tuktuk from our place). This is A frame reef with bit of an paddle and long solid lefthander (gets shallow at the end) and bit shorter right hander. Works all the time and can take bigger swell easily. One of the best waves in Sri Lanka for experienced surfers. This one is usually crowded, so take care on fast take off. Beach break on Ahangama beach for easier surf.

There are other secret spots near by so ask around and go for the wave hunt! Shaka!

Local surf by Eitan, 2016